Read and download the English versions of the worklife related reports/white papers, which have been published by Sodexo in Sweden during 2021.

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 Report: The new normal - worklife beyond the pandemic  (released on January 7th, 2021)

  • Report based on survey of how 700 HR managers in companies and public enterprises view home-based work before, during and after the pandemic, carried out by Kantar Sifo on behalf of Sodexo. 

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Report: Why every company leadership needs a worklife strategy  (released on May 21st, 2021)

  • How to make flexible worklife post-pandemic a competitive advantage and the sharpest weapon in the war for talent.

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Report: 5 problems with the hybrid model - and advice how to meet them (released on July 1st, 2021)

  • About the challenges of flexible and hybrid working life and Sodexo´s advice to meet them. 

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Report: Anarchy or micromanagement - Working life when offices open up again (released on September 24th, 2021)

  • What will the new working life look like once the pandemic is over? This is the first report based on a quarterly survey about Swedish professionals’ attitudes towards working life, remote work, and what creates friction and flow at work. The survey is conducted by Novus on behalf of Sodexo.

01 november 2021